Friends are your chosen Family

Friends & Family 

Family members are said to be our closest friends 

Our best shot

Ones best friend

Friends sooner or later become family

Seldom, though chances are present

Rain or shine, one would not dare compare the two 

It seems very contemptuous to family 

But honestly, 

What is it about family that friendship lacks?

Is it that Family is there forever?

How many have been abandoned or have abandoned their own and only had friends to turn to?

Or maybe Family will always love you more?  

Yet we all have that family member we hate so much yet we always fake a smile around them 

Am sure you can relate them to the girl you hate so much in school.

Why is it that we Glorify something that can be so hateful at times and Degrade friendship which can be so priceless most times?

Family might not always support your choices and other times might not always be by your side. 

But when friends do the same, it seems so easy for you to just drop them. 

Why such cruelty? 

They are not here to just applause when you go right but they are also here to correct you when you fail. 

You seem to love their voices in time of Praise but Despise it in time of condemnation.

Why so much ingratitude?  


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