Picture Perfect ☺️❤️

The world points fingers
Point out her flaws and tell her to fix them, jinx them
They’re all pointing a finger not noticing that three are pointing back
They see the pebble in her eyes but can’t seem to notice the desert in theirs
No one knows her story
But they’re all gonna act like they worry
All life lessons forgotten,
All their humanity misbegotten
What was it again

If you got nothing positive to say, don’t say anything at all

But it seems like they’ve built a wall
And chose to remain with a nasty soul
So now who’s the one with the flaws
For they seem to love the applause
They get from piercing their claws
Because of the worlds stereotypic thoughts
And she forever sits and mourns
In her soul there forms pores
For its stabs her heart as it absorbs
Wishing for the day where she ignores


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