Simply Choked In Love


      She is simply in love
     She found a jot to love
    And loves it with all her might
   I tell her he is not wholesome
  She says nothing ever is
I yell “you deserve better”
She claims she knows and her heart surmises he is best
He is the best kind of worst
  She awaits a single call
   Night falls
    She is unshielded
     She has weaknesses but conceals them all
      Anticipates for him to love her so she may love her
She is a temple expecting visibility from it’s agnostics
      Shattered is her soul
     Yet she is ready to mount
    Miles to receive a glimpse
   Of the love she can’t stem  


Self Confessed

For I’m not ready to be branded
Simply emotional.
Funny I still write
Yet words seem to have failed me the most.
I don’t know why I write
I fumble with words
Yet again.
It’s a pencil to the hand
Trying to join the click
But my soul declines.
I’m not free yet
I’m still in a riddle
So puzzled yet so figured
The irony of matters.
My soul is in too deep.
I don’t know how to exercise control
For I seek a companion.
I have met many I thought perfect
Left me in No second.
I walk a path I don’t know
With knowledge a summary or more.
Place a smile
Sunshine and roses
Tears dried
Whom do I call mine?
I am not understood
Neither can I understand.
But I take a chance
And I make a stand
Move forward to enhance
My incomplete master plan.

Friends are your chosen Family

Friends & Family 

Family members are said to be our closest friends 

Our best shot

Ones best friend

Friends sooner or later become family

Seldom, though chances are present

Rain or shine, one would not dare compare the two 

It seems very contemptuous to family 

But honestly, 

What is it about family that friendship lacks?

Is it that Family is there forever?

How many have been abandoned or have abandoned their own and only had friends to turn to?

Or maybe Family will always love you more?  

Yet we all have that family member we hate so much yet we always fake a smile around them 

Am sure you can relate them to the girl you hate so much in school.

Why is it that we Glorify something that can be so hateful at times and Degrade friendship which can be so priceless most times?

Family might not always support your choices and other times might not always be by your side. 

But when friends do the same, it seems so easy for you to just drop them. 

Why such cruelty? 

They are not here to just applause when you go right but they are also here to correct you when you fail. 

You seem to love their voices in time of Praise but Despise it in time of condemnation.

Why so much ingratitude?  

Picture Perfect ☺️❤️

The world points fingers
Point out her flaws and tell her to fix them, jinx them
They’re all pointing a finger not noticing that three are pointing back
They see the pebble in her eyes but can’t seem to notice the desert in theirs
No one knows her story
But they’re all gonna act like they worry
All life lessons forgotten,
All their humanity misbegotten
What was it again

If you got nothing positive to say, don’t say anything at all

But it seems like they’ve built a wall
And chose to remain with a nasty soul
So now who’s the one with the flaws
For they seem to love the applause
They get from piercing their claws
Because of the worlds stereotypic thoughts
And she forever sits and mourns
In her soul there forms pores
For its stabs her heart as it absorbs
Wishing for the day where she ignores

Spoken but unspoken.

The WildRebelFleur


I write , I write
Trying To put my conceptualization into words
Even when I speak, my words never leave my temple, they stay at soul.

Its easy to say something without really saying anything, without really meaning it, so why do we say anything at all?
“Actions speaker louder than words” they say,but Have you ever tried to communicate to your subconscious with it?
Words are there we just never try to express  instead we pretend to.

The voice inside me whispers a lot ,but i never seem to ausculate anything,

Even when i open my Doors i still feel knocking.
Whats more scary The Devil or The Evil In people which qualifies them as deamons?
Don’t bother, Even  I wouldn’t know
But I bet the man you called crazy earlier, Might be able to supply us with a response, the crazy ones are always the strong minded ones…

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Slipping and Staying in Love

Its quite easy falling in love…

Its not really much of your choice

Perhaps, and just perhaps

You were blown away by

Their smile

Their eyes

Their heart

Their soul

You find purity in all their impurities

And your world turns right around when your with them.

Always smiling and flushing

When your around them

Trying your best to please them

Be flawless for them

Be a fantasy come true…

Now it’s not easy being in love…

Things have taken a turn

Heading the opposite direction

What you once found perfect

Becomes one of the most hideous characters you were yet to see.

The desire to please them has tattered

Because you’re no longer happy

And the love has faded…